Type of CementMAIN CONSTITUENTS AS PER KS EAS 18-1 : 2017
CEM IPortland Cement consist > 92 % of Portland Cement Clinker as main constituents.
CEM IIPortland Pozzolana Cement consists of Portland Cement Clinker with 35 % Fly Ash or Slag or Natural Pozzolana or Lime Stone as main constituents.
CEM IIIBlast Furnace Cement consist of Portland Cement Clinker
With 65 % or 80 % or 95 % Granulated Blast furnace slag as main constituents.
CEM IVPozzolanic Cement is consist of Min. 45 % Portland Cement Clinker with Natural Pozzolana or Lime Stone as main constituents.
CEM VComposite Cement is an composition of Portland Cement Clinker with Blast Furnace Slag , Natural Pozzolana & Fly Ash.

32.5 N – This is the most commonly used cement with ordinary early strength. It is more suitable where high early strength is not required for construction. The ‘N’ in the cement class denotes normal strength.

32.5 R – This type of cement is used where high early strength is required for construction. The ‘R’ denotes rapid strength when curing. 32.5 R cement is used where high early strength is required for construction.

42.5 N – This is a stronger class of cement, able to withstand higher pressures and loads. This class of cement should be used when a higher initial strength is needed during the curing phase; mainly to support the weight of a heavy structure. This type of cement is used for heavy structure like dams, high rise buildings, bridges.

Curing is very much essential for any class of Cement and Construction.

For CEM-I, heat liberation rate is very high after adding of water to the cement. All other classes of cement, due to the mixing of Pozzolanic materials, heat liberation rates are low after adding of water when compared to Portland Cement.

Different projects, require different cement types. Always consult with construction professionals before making a purchase of cement to ensure you acquire the right Nyumba Cement for your project. Get it right! #BuildForGenerations


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