Environmental Policy

It is widely acknowledged that tomorrow’s world, even more than today’s or yesterday’s will be in need of quality products and services, with more and more stringent requirements.

Our goodwill is to be increasing recognized as one of the best in this industry not only in Kenya but in Africa and to prosper from reputation of excellence and efficiency that we will earn.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Mombasa Cement Ltd is committed to carrying out her production, service, delivery activities and processes while ensuring we conserve the environment for our future generations.

Mombasa Cement Ltd environmental management system is modeled in line with requirements of the international Standard ISO 14001:2015.

Mombasa Cement Limited has a commitment to conduct its activities in a responsible manner in order to protect and enhance the environment. It is the policy of Mombasa Cement Limited to:

  • ensure that facilities are operated, maintained and wherever necessary modified to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and with Mombasa Cement Ltd environmental standards.
  • ensure that its products and their manufacture will not be harmful to people or the environment.
  • strive to continuously improve the efficiency of its operations so as to minimize the use of resources and generation of waste and to ensure that any waste generated is dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • all employees will adhere to the applicable guideline and procedures and take care in carrying out their duties in a manner that may have a negative impact on the environment.
  • managers and engineers will assure compliance with environmental guidelines and procedures and ensure execution of improvement actions within each areas.
  • train its employees to achieve high standards of environmental performance.

All employees will share responsibility for implementation of environmental policy.

Mombasa Cement Limited will demonstrate commitment to this policy by fostering open and effective communication with all stakeholders and other interested parties and by ranking environment protection with other key business objective.

Mombasa Cement Limited is committed to the prevention of pollution by seeking to achieve minimal adverse impact on air, water and land through programs which incorporate responsible environment management.

Environment protection is a primary responsibility of every employee. Continuous Improvement to Environment:

  • Continuous Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and any other applicable requirements. All environmental non compliance will be investigated, assigned root causes, documented, implemented and verified for effectiveness.

Preventive measures are reviewed for relevance, implemented and evaluated for effectiveness.

  • To train and educate employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally sound manner.

No one has authority to cause or allow an environmental non compliance for the sake of production.

  • Environmental impact evaluation of proposed actions, including process and practice changes, which may have a environmental impact.
  • Improvement, continually of our environmental performance, including objectives and targets, through annual reviews with Mombasa Cement Limited top management.

Appropriate information regarding environmental performance is periodically provided to top management and employees and made available to the public.

Environmental performance will be regularly measured and assessed for conformance to ISO guidelines and compliance to legal requirements.

As a commitment the company has formulated an environmental policy for effective implementation of her environment management system.

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